Smart Traveller policies bought before March 11, 2020 will cover claims on Trip Cancellation/Postponement related to the COVID19 pandemic. For more info on Smart Traveller coverage in relation to COVID19, please click here For assistance, please contact AXA Customer Care through (02)8581-5292 or see other options here.
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Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance

We are all prone to make mistakes and sometimes we encounter unforeseen accidents and disasters. Protect yourself from these potential liabilities arising out of unexpected accidents or damages.

When you own a business, the safety of your customers, employees, and those within the vicinity of your daily operation is your full and primary responsibility.  Protect your company from the risk of being held liable in the event of accidents, damages, or bodily injuries.

Following are the coverages we offer:

  • Product Liability
  • Public Liability
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Professional Liability

  • All Risk Insurance
  • Property or Equipment Floater
  • Fidelity Insurance
  • Money Insurance